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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need an FM Converter to make my Japanese car stereo work?

Japan likes to be unique. So, the Japanese government mandated that Japanese FM operate from 76MHz to 90MHz. Which is, of course, different from most of the rest of the world, which operates from 88MHz to 108MHz. Because of this difference, a converter is necessary to make the FM tuners of Japanese car stereos work outside of Japan.

What is an FM Converter and how does it work?

The FM Converter is a small black box that attaches in-line with the antenna input on the stereo. It requires only a very simple splice to the 12V+ line coming into the radio. With the included instructions, this is a very simple task even for a first-time installer. You get a choice of three different FM Converters. 12MHz, 16MHz and 20MHz. The FM Converter works be “stepping down” your country’s FM frequencies by a specific amount – which you choose when you pick your FM Converter at purchase. So, say you choose the 16MHz Converter. Every FM frequency that your car stereo receives will be “stepped-down” by 16MHz. Let’s say that you want to listen to a station on 102.7MHz. On your stereo, with the 16MHz converter, you would tune to 86.7MHz (102.7MHz – 16.0MHz = 86.7MHz).

Can I listen to the entire 20MHz FM range that exists in my region?

No. The reason for this is that Japanese FM only has a 14MHz “window” of FM frequencies, whereas most of the rest of the world has a 20MHz window. That is why we offer a choice of four FM Converters, so that you can decide which stations in your area are most important to you, and choose accordingly. Use the tables below to help you decide which converter is right for you.

Will the numerical LCD display on my stereo change to reflect the converted frequency?

No. The numerical LCD display on your stereo will remain displaying the unconverted frequency. For example, say you were listening to a station tuned to 106.7MHz, on your Japanese car stereo with an 16MHz converter. You would be listening to 106.7MHz, however, your stereo would continue to display 90.7MHz.

Can I still use my AM Band?

You can still use the AM band as usual on your Japanese Radio


FM Conversion Tables

Japanese Frequency Range: 76.0MHz to 90.0MHz

Converted Frequency Range with a 12MHz converter: 88.0MHz to 102.0MHz:

CFC12A Calculations

Converted Frequency Range with a 16MHz converter: 92.0MHz to 106.0MHz:

CFC16A Calculations

Converted Frequency Range with a 20MHz converter: 96.0MHz to 110.0MHz:

CFC20A Calculations
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