Car Radio FM Frequency Converter

Car Radio Frequency converter

This little metal box, measuring 65x38x27mm (2.5×1.5x1in), will let you use the FM radio fitted in an imported secondhand Japanese Car (NEGATIVE earth vehicles ONLY). The only connections necessary are to the aerial and the ignition power switch. The radio needs no modification.

This will convert the Japanese FM band of 76-90MHz to the Australian/UK or USA FM band of 94-108MHz.

The cost is AUS$65.00, including delivery, to anywhere in the world.

NOTE 1 – Some European cars/radios need 2 adaptors (at $10 extra per pair) to fit to the converter.
NOTE 2 – It does not add FM to an AM only radio!
NOTE 3 – It does not enable you to use a USA FM radio that has 200Khz steps.

Please read our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information before ordering.


Instructions for installing Car (Radio) Frequency Converters
CFC12-12, CFC16-12 and CFC20-12

  1. Remove the aerial lead from the car radio.
  2. Plug the BLACK male lead from the CFC??-12 into the radio.
  3. Plug the aerial lead into the BLACK female lead connected to the CFC??-12.
  4. Connect the RED lead to +12Volts via the ignition switch, with a 1 (one) Amp fuse in circuit.
  5. The unit will now convert the frequencies to be able to be received on the radio.

The dial will still read the old frequencies, eg. 76-90MHz, but will now receive your Australian/UK or USA stations.

For example, using the CFC20-12, to receive 104.3MHz, tune the radio to 84.3MHz.

Don’t forget to read the FAQ page.

Satisfied Customers

JK from FL, USA

It was very easy to install didn’t even take 5 minutes
Operated perfect even in the United States
Very nice unit worked perfect

T & A C from Barbados

… it was very easy to install.
I was able get all the stations and so far I had no problems.
It is bigger than others I have seen. But behind the radio and out sight, the size does not matter. Your service is great. I wish I can get them cheaper, plus the taxes & duties here are high.

DS in Australia

I received the FM Car Radio Frequency Converter from you very quickly through Australia Post. It proved very easy to install and is working wonderfully. It was certainly a much cheaper option than getting my Japanese Import stereo upgraded. Thanks again.

HK from MA, USA

I can install very easily. (I always install car stereo by myself, but it is so easy.)

Your product is truly great. I enjoy my car life very much.
There is no need to use antenna booster.
If someone ask me where to buy frequency converter, I definitely recommend your shop.
Thank you very much

ME from CA, USA

… It was very easy to install and is still operating fine today, about 2 years after I purchased it I think.

EO from CA, USA

Just want to let you know that I have received the RF converter yesterday (9/1). Thank you very much for your quick replies and help. I’ll definitely pass the word around to people looking for an RF converter.

AM from CA, USA


… If we know somebody who needs the car radio frequency converter over here or Philippines I will recommend YOU… Thanks a lot

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